Performance al Barswingona

It cheers me up  to remember those days when we got all together to enjoy shows, to dance, or simply for the pleasure of getting together. It often goes through my head, especially when I work in front of a distant audience and with their mouth covered. I don’t know who is laughing, I can’t guess whether or not there is a connection with the audience. Then it’s up to me to be optimistic and believe that yes, to remember those smiles, which feed me more than ever and make me move on with the show. And then, just at the end of the show, people feel like to break the rules and come closer to say: “Thank you, we really enjoyed it”. And I still don’t know with what face they say it.
But I didn’t like it, I did it thinking of other faces and other smiles, memories. And I doubt myself, how long can I feed on memories?


For now, there you have a lasting memory, it was in April 2019 at the Barswingona festival, accompanied live by drummer Marti Elias and his fantastic team.