Swing on wheels

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In the middle of the dance floor a space has been opened. The musicians still don’t play, there is silence and a whisper in the air, the expectation is high … This couple, coming from far away, has been around the world and has participated in the most select competitions. They have revolutionized the swing. They have created the Swing on Wheels.
What a fantastic music, and what a great dance, and how fantastic is to ride a bike. Of course, the mix of all is promising. Dance with a bike, be a follower and be a leader exchanging roles all the time. Create this connection so sought after in the couple’s dance, but this time is with an object. The advantage is that it never complains, now, if we do not understand each other, we may end up both on the floor… but this also happens between people.

The bike is not bouncing, so necessary for swing dances (lindy hop, balboa, shag, charleston, …), so we will often lose the rhythm (i had to find an excuse:), but it will be justified by the melody of the fluidity that gives the movement of the wheels . The touch of cinnamon will be the aerial movements, as the dancers call it, where both the bike and me, we will be thrown into the air and, hopefully catched back.
And by the way, this will not be a normal Jam, so I beg the brave dancers not to do stealing. For this time, enjoy the show.
6 minutes. Minimal Space of 5x5x5m. Floor must be smooth, hard, flat and clean.