Sobre rodes

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The music is on. The bicycle wheels fly into the sky. Colorfull looks all around, adults and children staring that beautiful object. They are about to share 40 minutes of an upside down illusion, the smile and the tension of a magical Circus world. An artistic bicycle, dancer and base for acrobatics and pirouettes, and an artist, who brings people together around the world. Anything and everything is possible: lay back, enjoy the show and get ready to be part of it.

With a combination of technique and humor, the artist extracts the poetry of a daily object such as the bicycle. In the rubber of the wheels and in the skin of the acrobat, there are hundreds of streets, squares and scenes that, since the summer of 2013, have written impossible stories in the cities of Canada, Europe, America and the world, by searching and writing the universal language that is the circus enthusiasm

DETAILS: 40 minutes. Street format. 8x8m space. For all audiences.

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