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The Y – feel like flying

The Y – feel like flying

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My interplanetary travel companion is Y-shaped,
and answers to the name Enginy’o. It can fly, and I’d like to fly aswell,
but so far I’m only taming a bicycle. The universe in this show
is based on that little prince that we liked so much.
This time, however, the character is not small,
nor is he a prince, and the bicycles might let you ride them.
A magical story full of visual poetry, inspired by the
master Brossa and the parareality of Duchamp. An artisanal
circus show: the artistic bicycle and the moon-dressed
Cyr wheel make up the circus. Inventions and ingenuity
make the artisanal.

Short video for Poetical Memories from Fira Trapezi de Reus

Show adapted to indoor, with lights design for theater by Llorenç Parra. Promotional theater video HERE